The orchestra tunes. The audience settles. Are your students ready to make their Broadway Debut?

Join us for an immersive Broadway experience! NextGen Broadway is a concert celebrating young performers. The show is open by audition to dance, choir, and musical theatre groups. Groups will spend four days in New York City participating in masterclasses, workshops, and studio rehearsals - with opportunities to see the sights in NYC too. The weekend will culminate in a star-studded performance at a major NYC theatre. This concert will be hosted by a headlining performer (to be announced) who will be joined by special Broadway guests and the selected student performing groups.

During the show, a winner of the NextGen Emerging Artist Award will be recognized. Up and coming theatre composers, writers, choreographers, dancers, and vocalists may apply for the $5000 award to go towards a specific project of their creation.


The NextGen Broadway show is open to dance, choir, and musical theatre groups. The minimum group size is 35 students. In collaboration with our Creative Team, selected performance groups will choose a musical number that will be rehearsed at your home studio. Throughout the year, you will receive feedback from members of our Creative Team.

Once selected groups arrive in New York City several days prior to the show, they'll work with Broadway choreographers and directors to finalize choreography and staging, integrate the Broadway actors into the number, and rehearse onstage. Our Broadway orchestra will accompany each number and lighting will be timed to set the magical mood of the evening. In addition to performing their chosen musical number, all selected groups will be a part of the opening number and finale.


The NextGen Broadway Concert will be held in April 2025 at a major NYC theatre. Performing arts groups will be accepted on a rolling basis. 

Only eight student groups will be accepted, so apply early!


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